Our clients are family; we anticipate needs and present opportunities as they arise from our vast pool of resources because we have taken the time to learn not only their business but also how their personal lifestyle fits into it.

We hot wire you to the people you need to know with the information you need,in the format you need, to complete the connection.

Tax Planning

Financial Solutions’ tax professionals believe that planning is the cornerstone of financial success, thus a key to minimizing your personal and business tax consequences.

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Financial Planning

We offer personal attention focused on your specific goals, absolute confidentiality and independent advice on the opportunities, alternatives and pitfalls.

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Retirement Planning

If you want to work toward accumulate enough assets and income for a comfortable retirement and long-term financial security, start planning now.

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We provide financial management skills with targeted business connections.

Through our network of local business connections, leadership roles in civic and professional organizations we connect our clients to other businesses and government officials. We hotwire you to the people you need to know with the information you need, in the format you need, to complete the connection.

Get a fast start to your goals. Sure you can get there on your own... or you can take advantage of our 25 years experience.


The National Care Givers Library is one of the most extensive libraries for care givers that exists today. Find hundreds of articles, checklists, forms and links to topic specific external resources all organized by category for you.


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A good financial strategy is not just about “making money;” it is also about protection.

Some people mistake investing for financial planning. Their “financial strategy” is an investing strategy, in which they chase the return and focus on the yield of their portfolio. As they do so, they miss the big picture.
Investing represents but one facet of long-term financial planning. Trying to build wealth is one thing; trying to protect it is another. An effort must be made to manage risk.  (read more Insurance and Investments )